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Stone Table Software's Pre-Release Products

STS is working on a number of exciting projects, and we're looking for volunteers to help us test our software!

The programs offered on this page are pre-release, beta versions. That means they may be ugly, missing important features, unstable, and/or buggy. In short, they may destroy your Macintosh! Use at your own risk. STS will not be held responsible for any problems you encounter.

STS betaware is available at no cost, but be aware that all the programs are set to expire at a future time. This prevents dated pre-release copies from functioning after the full version has been released. Usually, before the expiration date, STS will notify you that a new version is available.

Current software in beta-testing:

Z-Write 1.5

(Beta has a hard-coded Expiration date, but there'll always be a new version available before it stops working)

Z-Write 1.5 is a brand new upgrade to this unique word processor. Rewritten to better support Mac OS X, this update features a new look, a new Toolbar, and signficant new features and improvements. This version uses new preferences and a new file XML-based format, so you can safely use it at same time as Z-Write 1.3.x with no problems. This version is Universal Binary and runs natively on Intel Macintoshes!

Mac OS X Download: Z-Write 1.5 Beta (Mac OS Universal Binary, 13MB)

Z-Write Light 1.0

(Beta has a hard-coded Expiration date, but there'll always be a new version available before it stops working)

Z-Write Light 1.0 is a new "light" version of Z-Write. It removes a lot of the more complex features of Z-Write such as styled text (bold, italic, multiple fonts) in favor of streamlined plain text writing. It is offered free for Z-Write 1.5 licensers.

Mac OS X Download: Z-Write Light 1.0 Beta (Mac OS Universal Binary, 12MB)

ZW Utility 1.0

(Beta has no expiration date)

ZW Utility is a simple program we use internally to extract text out of corrupt Z-Write (.zwx or .zwl) files. It won't work with every file, but you may find it useful. In an emergency, it can also be used to simply retrieve the plain text out of Z-Write documents in case Z-Write has expired or won't run on your system.

Mac OS X Download: ZW Utility 1.0 Beta (Mac OS Universal Binary, 3MB)

Blew It!

This product has now been officially released and is no longer in beta testing. You can find out more on the Blew It! product page.

Photo Framesite Beta C

(beta available eventually)

This simple program does only one thing, but does it well: it takes a collection of photos and publishes them as a frame-based website. You can completely customize the output.


(beta available eventually)

InstantInvoice is a simple invoicing program.


(beta available eventually)

SoccerStats is a program for tracking soccer games in various leagues.