Mac OS Requirements

  • Mac OS X (Universal Binary)
  • PPC Macintosh (System 9)
  • Quicktime

Key Features

  • Fast and Fun
  • No math -- BlewIt! tracks scoring
  • Free! Donate if you like it.


Top Curvy Piece



Blew It! is a fast, fun dice game for friends and family. Full instructions are included, but the basic concept is that each roll can earn you points based on what you rolled. You can stop at any time and keep the points you've earned so far, but if you continue rolling and lose -- you "Blew It!" and lose all your accumulated points for the turn. Thus the game has a nice balance of risk versus reward.


Updated Nov. 27, 2006:

Mac OS X Download: Blew It 1.06 (Mac OS X Universal Binary; 3.2MB)
Mac OS Classic Download: Blew It 1.06 (for Mac OS 9 only; 1.4MB)
Windows Download: Blew It 1.06 (for Windows 98, 2000, or XP only; 1.6MB)