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Welcome to Stone Table Software!

STS offers great shareware and freeware for Mac OS X and Classic. Z-Write, our popular "non-linear" word processor is a unique organizational tool used by thousands of writers in over 20 countries, and it has been highly rated by publications like MacHome and MacUser UK.

All our products are available for free trial usage. Just download our software and give it a try. If you like it, purchase a license and we'll send you a unique registration code.

Latest News

TimeSaver 1.5 is now available!

TimeSaver now works with Mac OS X -- and it's even a Universal Binary so it works with PPC or Intel-based Macs! We've even got a beta release of a Windows XP version, for those brave enough to try it. Best of all, it's a FREE upgrade!

This version doesn't add significant features, but looks better and works as seemlessly as the old version. You can download this release here.

Z-Write 1.5 Pre-Release is now available!

You've been asking for it and it's almost ready. The all-new Z-Write 1.5, rewritten to function better under Mac OS X, as well as adding new features and improvements, is now in final testing. All Z-Write users are invited to try the public beta: your feedback will help finalize this release.

You can download the latest public beta here.

Some of the new features and improvements in Z-Write 1.5:

  • Faster and more compatible with Mac OS X
  • New Mac OS X-style Toolbar
  • Streamlined Mac OS X Appearance
  • Rearrange Sections by Dragging
  • Direct RTF Import
  • Revised Preferences System with many new options
  • Live Word Count
  • Self-Updating Capability
  • New Help System

Z-Write 1.5 Quick FAQ

Many of you are excited about the new Z-Write. Here are some answers to common questions.

Is it safe to try the Z-Write 1.5 Beta Release?
Z-Write is a standalone program and doesn't do anything unusual to your system, so the risk is minimal. Z-Write 1.5 uses a new document format so it can't hurt your previous documents (they are automatically converted to the new format when you open them in 1.5). Most likely the worst thing that would happen is you'd lose some work because a feature isn't working correctly, but of course that's a risk you must be willing to take. If you're unsure, please wait until the final, fully tested version of 1.5 is released.

When will Z-Write 1.5 be released?
As soon as we're sure it meets our quality standards. The current beta is robust and stable, but not all features are working flawlessly yet. As we get feedback from beta users, we'll fix bugs and prepare the final release. We're shooting for Fall 2006.

How much will Z-Write 1.5 cost?
New licenses will cost $29 same as now. Upgrades are $15. However, because it's been such a long time since we've offered a free upgrade, we're doing something unusual. Current users have a choice: get the Z-Write 1.5 upgrade for free now but pay $25 in the future when Z-Write 2.0 is released, or pay $15 today and get the future 2.0 upgrade for free! It's your choice: pay today or tomorrow. Paying today helps us with our development efforts and saves you money, but if you prefer to wait until 2.0 is released to pay, you may.

How do I get my free upgrade?
When Z-Write 1.5 is released we'll announce the details of how to get your free upgrade. We'll also send out new 1.5 registration codes to those who've already purchased the upgrade.

I love Z-Write and I want to pay now to encourage development. How do I pay?
Just go to our Kagi store and choose the Z-Write 1.5 upgrade option. Before the 1.5 final version is released, we'll send you your 1.5 registration codes. In the meantime, you can use the pre-release version of 1.5.

I paid, so why does the Beta Release expire?
Beta versions do not require registration codes; they are set to expire at a predetermined date. Pre-release software is not final. We care about quality and do not want old beta versions floating around as buggy demos.

Will I be stuck without Z-Write if my Beta Release expires?
No. We will always have a new version available before the previous version expires. Z-Write 1.5 has a new "self-updating" feature where it can automatically check the STS website to see if a newer version is available.

Will a demo of Z-Write 1.5 be available?
Once the final 1.5 is released, you'll have two weeks to evaluate it before it will nag you for a registration code. Even then Z-Write will never lock you out of your existing work: it will only limit functionality if you do not pay for it.

Does Z-Write 1.5 fix the "slow typing" bug that 1.x had?
You tell us: try the Beta Release and let us know. The infamous "slow typing" bug affects only a small number of users. Most users report that 1.5 works great. We have not been able to identify the cause of the slowdown -- it appears to be system-specific -- so have no way to knowing if your system will be affected. The simplest solution is to just try the pre-release and see if it's a problem for you.

What about Feature "X"? Why isn't that in 1.5?
We couldn't do everything in this release. For version 2.0, we're working on a complete rewrite from the ground up. This new version promises a new paradigm and will be as revolutionary as the original Z-Write was back in 1999. By rewriting Z-Write from scratch we're going to be able to offer a host of capabilities we can't implement now. While it's too early to be definitive about exactly what will be included, we're looking at features such as: a new interface, a Windows version with cross-platform compatible documents, support for much larger projects, user-customizable scripts for automation, and much more.

When will Z-Write 2.0 be released?
Our tentative goal is to have 2.0 in Alpha Release by next summer. With such a complete rewrite we're expecting a long testing cycle, so we're thinking the final won't be available until late 2007 at the earliest. We'll update this site as we make better projections.

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