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Help Promote Z-Write with Z-Write Badges

Do you love Z-Write? Are you a "non-linear" word processing convert? Would you like to see Z-Write grow and improve?

Then help promote it! Spread the word to your writing friends. The more people who know about Z-Write, the better for everyone.

If you have a website, linking your site to ours with a cool Z-Write badge is simple and lets the world know you're a Z-Write fan.

It's simple: select a badge graphic from the selection below and place it on your website, linking it the Z-Write page. Or just use the HTML shown below to link to our site!

Choose a Z-Write Badge:

(You can save the image to your hard drive by control-clicking on the graphic and choosing "Download image to disk" from the menu that pops up.)

Linking to Our Site

Here's some HTML you can use to link to our site:

<a href="">
<img src="" width="300" height="140"></a>

Just subsitute the correct badge name in the above for the badge you use. If you're using a visual HTML editor, just place the badge and link to this URL: