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Z-Write: Old Updaters

This area contains updaters for older versions of Z-Write. These are here as a courtesy only -- STS only supports the current versions of our software. However, individuals with older machines may find an older version of the program works better for them. These are listed oldest to most recent.

1.1 PDF Manual: (as of January 2002, this is the still the most recent version of the manual -- we are working on an update which will be available in March)
Z-Write 1.1 PDF Manual (Binary) (600K, stuffed)
Z-Write 1.1 PDF Manual (HQX) (850K, stuffed and binhexed)

1.1 Update Only: (requires Z-Write 1.0.x)
Z-Write 1.1 Update (Binary) (800K, stuffed)
Z-Write 1.1 Update (HQX) (1000K, stuffed and binhexed)

Z-Write 1.1.2 Update (requires Z-Write 1.1)
The 1.1.2 update includes new online help documenting all the new features added in 1.1, fixes bugs with HTML Export, import file, a printing bug, fixes the "nosplashscreen" Power User Pref, and adds a new "helpfont" Power User Pref.
1.1.2 Update Only:
Z-Write 1.1.2 Update (Binary) (368K, stuffed)
Z-Write 1.1.2 Update (HQX) (500K, stuffed)

Z-Write 1.1.3 Update (requires Z-Write 1.1.2)
The 1.1.3 update fixes a conflict with menubar enhancement programs like Palm Instant Desktop and OneClick. If you are experiencing Finder crashes or Finder quitting when you quit Z-Write, you need this update.
Z-Write 1.1.3 Update (HQX) (72K, stuffed and binhexed)

The 1.2 update adds over forty new features and bug fixes.

1.2 Update Only (requires Z-Write 1.1.x):
Server: Z-Write 1.2 Update (Binary) (1100K, stuffed)
Server: Z-Write 1.2 Update (HQX) (1500K, stuffed and binhexed)

The 1.2.1 update includes several bug fixes.

1.2.1 Update Only (requires Z-Write 1.2):
Server: Z-Write 1.2.1 Update (Binary) (376K, stuffed)
Server: Z-Write 1.2.1 Update (HQX) (517K, stuffed and binhexed)